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Porter Carrol Jr.

Founder of Atlantic Starr and currently a member of the number one selling duo in the history of music, Hall of Famers, Daryl Hall and John Oates. Porter is also performing in two breakout projects of his own.  The Evolution of Cabaret, a “bold and daring nightclub act for the modern world” and Symphony Rhythm & Blues, “the ultimate crossover”.

Porter's Kind Words

Two words to describe Michael Russo—thoughtfully ambitious. From the time I met his brother, Joe (who shared that his 20 year old college graduate brother wanted to enter the music business) until this very day, he has shown a passion for the art of making music, marketing products and managing artist.
Once I met, Michael Russo and felt his love for the industry, I immediately reached out to Minot Sound Studio owner and dear friend, Thom Cimillo. Thom saw the same thing I did and offered “Mike” an internship in his White Plains, NY hotbed recording studio.
Michael was thrown right into the fire, working with and recording some of the hottest recording artist of the day. The fast learning Russo found himself assisting the great recording engineer, Ray Bardani. Ray put Michael to work with multi-platinum artist, Luther Vandross. Russo was also thrust into projects with Atlantic Starr, George Benson, David Sanborn, Marcus Miller, Bob James and other chart toppers.
On the management side, he found himself being mentored by Billy Idol and Kiss manager, the legendary, Bill Aucoin. He was a sponge in that environment as well. We all knew Michael’s future was bright. He thrived amongst the “pros”.
Life called. A greater opportunity knocked and Russo departed our business for a life changing position in corporate America. Though we ALL understood, it was with great disappointment that this rising star was leaving us.
As the world continues to turn his way, his highly successful career in the IT/corporate world was coming to a close. This time without his brother Joseph, he and I reconnect. Michael knew he had learned SO much about business and strategy procedure via corporate, that he had figured out how to apply those valuable skills to the music business he’d always loved. The fire had never died—he was now ready to share and pave the way for new and established artist. It was time …
He’s had a full range learning experience in business and come full circle in life.
The time had come to create The Michael Russo Agency.
The best of luck to you, Michael. Artist won’t go wrong with you guiding them the right way.
- Porter Carroll Jr.
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