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Lost Angeles

Lost Angeles Live Image1.jpg

Lost Angeles is the most fantastic 80s arena Rock musical show!

This high-energy band, hailing from New York, will transform any venue into an eighties arena Rock celebration. The band plays the multi-generational anthems that defined the decade of decadence.


Front Man Rex Venues once had given up on the music scene in the early 90s. He said that "the energy and flash of the live stage shows had been replaced by flannel wearing, floor staring, no lights, lackluster artists.

And the world wants the big stage show back!"

So Rex called on his friends, the drum bashing enigma Rue Hughes, Bassist Brett Rose, and Guitarist T.T. Seville, to complete Lost Angeles, the Ultimate 80's Arena Experience!

Their songs are perfectly played with four-part vocal harmonies spanning the artists who forged the decade's most unforgettable songs. Songs by Bon Jovi, Poison, Motley Crue, and many more, combined with a visually captivating stage show, are rocking all audiences! 




Lost Angeles will rock any venue or event!

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