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Sound Mixer

Tom Cimillo

Former Owner Minot Sound Studios/

Words from Tom Cimillo

As the former owner of Minot Sound Studios, I've had the pleasure of working with many professionals (i.e., artists, managers, producers, publishers, attorneys, etc.) in the music industry. Still, Michael is someone I always think fondly of him because of his drive, curiosity, and overall "people skills." During Michael's tenure at the studio, not only did he impress me with his passion for music and dedication to doing a job well, but he continually pushed himself to learn. Michael caught on fast while working with some of the country's top engineers. 

It's been some years, but I recently asked him to join my new venture as a consultant, "CountryNY" (, where he has completely redesigned our website while maintaining the character and vision my partner and I seek, providing organizational skills and has become a valued liaison to artists, management and the public in general. His years in the corporate marketplace have given him a unique perspective on problem-solving, and he energetically pursues solutions.

Watching him adapt to our ever-changing business landscape was an inspiration! His overcoming challenges with a smile made him stand out as a cut above the rest! He's always willing to lend a hand to anyone who needs it. Any company would be lucky to have Michael on their payroll."

-Tom Cimillo
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