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"Saint Michael Russo

Michael Russo

A Musical Beginning

I've had a passion for music from day one. At six years old, I would sing for neighbors on my block in the Bronx. I grew up in a diverse neighborhood and quickly discovered and enjoyed all kinds of music, from Rock & Roll to Pop, Jazz, Classical, and R&B. 

Coming Full Circle

My family and friends soon realized my love for music. I would do anything to be around music. 
That being the case, my brother Joseph helped put me on a fantastic path. He was friends with a musician who was a founding father of the great R&B band, Atlantic Starr.

That lead me to land a job at Minot Sound. A 48-track Studio in White Plains, New York. At Minot, we recorded and mixed for some greats, Luther Vandross, Marcus Miller, Atlantic Starr, David Sanborn, Jason Miles, Miles Davis, Bill Aucoin, George Benson, and so many more. Also, I learned from one of the Country's top sound/recording engineers, Ray Bardani. Bill Aucoin much spent time at Minot, working with owner Tom Cimillo, which taught me about all aspects of the industry and how to position an artist for a record deal.

With so many great memories, I must say that the recording sessions with 20 string musicians from New York Philharmonic for CBS news are some of my favorites. The sound in our controlled environment was breathtaking, music that overwhelmed me with joy.


Down The Corporate Road

I spent 25 years in Marketing & Communications at Pitney Bowes. After approximately six years, I decided to move my career to the "Corporate World." My path landed me as a Director of Channel Communications. To describe my responsibilities, I managed staff writers, channel delivery experts, events, SEO, SEM, web design and development, training, digital signs, and print for communications going to our 18,000 employees.

To learn more, I decided to jump into the Cyber Security world. I was fortunate enough to have a colleague refer me to United Health Care – where I managed Commercial Security projects.

Music Is My Life

The Michael Russo Agency is a multi-faceted agency that provides management, promotions, and agent services to select music and entertainment performers. Our passion for music is ineffable! My artists are fortunate because we potion them for success from our expertise and with our partners with undeniable skills and experiences in all aspects of the music and entertainment industry. We have incredible partnerships with Lyric and CountryNY (in which I hold a senior position).

- "Saint Michael" Russo


Reach The Michael Russo Agency if you are an artist, engineer, venue, or involved in the music industry in any other way. 

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